Major CPAP masks available in Australia

Major CPAP masks available in Australia

In Australia, there are three different kinds of CPAP masks on sale.

1. Full-face CPAP masks

The most common kind of mask used for CPAP treatment is this one. According to its name, this mask covers the nose, mouth, and a portion of the face. By having a solid seal, it helps to provide the most protection against leaks. In most cases, it is difficult to seal off without taking it off. At the time, this mask is frequently utilized. Some persons who use the mask could experience claustrophobia. People also comment how the size of the mask may interfere with their ability to do things like watch TV or read.

2. Nasal CPAP masks 

Given the time required to set up the CPAP machine, it might be difficult for those who like reading in bed to do so. If they wear a full face mask, there’s a chance that their line of sight may be obstructed, making it difficult for them to read effectively. Nasal cpap masks have a more compact design that do not completely enclose the nose to solve that issue, enabling you to easily read your material. Learn more tips that how to make your CPAP masks fit better.

Major CPAP masks available in Australia

3. Nasal CPAP pillows

Try CPAP nasal pillows if you’re planning to purchase CPAP masks online. Technology advancements forced us to look beyond the box of conventional masks and come up with new strategies for applying pressure directly to the user’s air canals. Nasal pillows are the solution to this. These pillows, which are little structures at the end of each tube carrying air from a CPAP machine, aren’t quite masks. In order to prevent occlusion while you sleep, the pillows feature an aperture at the end of those tubes that may be immediately put into the nose.

What Considerations Must You Make Before Making an Online CPAP Mask Purchase?

Now that we are aware of the many CPAP mask types available for purchase, one should take the following factors into account before making a decision and purchasing a CPAP mask.

1. Comfort

Making a decision might be aided by considering what is comfortable for you. Prior to determining your level of comfort with the mask, make sure the seals are in place and that you can wear it for extended periods of time without discomfort.

2. Sleeping Customs

Your choice of mask will also be influenced by how you sleep. The typical mask will not function if you often toss and turn as you sleep.

3. The Mask’s Size and Sealing

Before you purchase CPAP masks, consider the mask’s size. A good mask should be chosen based on the fit and pressure.

4. Treatment and Equipment Details

You will want a mask that can withstand high air pressure if it is suggested that you begin treatment at a greater pressure. Some devices will contain requirements pertaining to their own masks. Therefore, you may choose what to utilize based on that.

Major CPAP masks available in Australia

To acquire the best-fitting CPAP mask, follow these five simple steps:

Understand how to sleep

If you’re searching for the finest fitting CPAP mask for the first time, this step is really crucial. Some people like to breathe through their mouths when they sleep. Some people solely breathe through their noses and never use their mouths to breathe. Some individuals breathe via their mouths at first when dozing off but eventually switch to their noses. How do you determine your sleeping habits? Ask someone if you are unsure! Your bed partner would be aware. Ask a friend or family who has seen you while you sleep whether you should sleep alone. You may begin to consider various CPAP mask types after you are aware of your sleeping habits.

Do you Position Shift While You Sleep?

Frequent position changes during sleep may lead to the seal between the mask and the face breaking, which can be uncomfortable for the user since air starts to shoot out the side and may indicate that you need a replacement mask. When selecting among the finest CPAP masks, knowing how you sleep will always be the first step.

Do You Breathe Through Your Mouth or Nose?

If you only breathe through your nose, a nasal or nasal cushion CPAP mask may be the most comfortable option for you. If you want to breathe through both your nose and mouth while sleeping, start considering full-face or hybrid CPAP mask alternatives. Both a mouthpiece attachment and a nasal cushion attachment are included in a hybrid CPAP mask. If you have a chinstrap to keep your lips shut and breathe through your mouth, you might still utilize a nasal mask or nasal cushion.

Determine the size of the CPAP mask you need.

For CPAP beginners, this phase might be the most perplexing. It might be challenging when it comes to size.

One thing to bear in mind is that mask sizes vary. There are many different sizes of masks, including tiny, extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

These CPAP masks for tiny faces are samples. A big may be an extra-large in another brand’s terminology. Alternatively, depending on the model, you could need CPAP masks for broad faces. You may print off a PDF fitting guide from many of our mask pages to determine the size you need before making a purchase.

Here is an illustration of a CPAP mask fitting guide for a particular mask. A fitting guide for CPAP masks is available for the majority of nasal and full-face masks, and provides a link to it. Remember that mask fitting recommendations are particular to each kind of mask, therefore you shouldn’t use one CPAP mask fitting guide to calculate the size of a different type of mask.

Place a New CPAP Mask Order

You may now purchase a mask after measuring your face and using a CPAP mask fitting guide. Order a couple different masks if you can (and purchase Return Insurance so you can return used masks for a full refund). Or use this expert advice and only purchase masks that come with free return insurance. Keep in mind that you cannot return a used CPAP mask if you do not have Return Insurance from Try each of your new CPAP masks on when they arrive, and then adjust the tightness until you are comfortable.